Fall 2016 Meeting

  • Hosted by SDSC
  • September 27-29, 2016

Welcome to Dell XL

Dell XL is a self-sustained consortium of computing centers that employ large-scale Dell systems. With the participation of Dell and Dell partners, the consortium members meet twice a year to exchange technology information and cooperate on projects to enhance the scalability of cluster computing. While the membership is for centers with large systems, we feel that all cluster centers can benefit from the proceedings of the Dell XL meetings and the collaborations within the working groups. (Non-NDA information will be posted under a "Documents" section of the navigator area.)

Objectives of the Consortium:

  • Centers can offer suggestions, alternatives, and raise issues and concerns regarding Dell product configurations, support and software tools.
  • Dell can present roadmaps, future directions, and alternative courses, and receive valuable feedback from its largest HPC customer base.
  • Member centers can collaborate and share experiences, as well as discuss center-derived solutions and alternative approaches to issues that arise with various Dell configurations and peripheral combinations.
  • Invited vendors can discuss HPC solutions jointly with consortium members and Dell.


Next Meeting:
Hosted by SDSC
San Diego, CA
September 27-29, 2016